Planetary Hours for March 13th 2020

Something keeps trying to stop me from doing this. I’m giving you the only category I’m guided to do tonight. Usually I do 3 completely different ones.

The planetary hours are an ancient system in which one of the seven classical planets is given rulership over each day and various parts of the day. You can use them to find the right energy during times of the day that will positively or negatively impact what you’re doing whether it is planning activities, performing ritual, getting a reading, etc. You can do a lot to benefit yourself with these!

Please note that you must use your location & time zone for this. I have EST, CST, MST, & PST time zones listed. Geographical location DOES impact this but these times work well within time zones. I do extended versions as a paid service for these categories + over 16 more categories for multiple days or single day planning.

EST time zone & New York, New York area


5:08 am to 6:09 am, 12:06 pm to 1:05 pm, 7:01 pm to 8:01 pm

CST Time zone & Dallas, Texas area


5:35 am to 6:35 am, 12:33 pm to 1:33 pm, 7:31 pm to 8:31 pm

MST time zone with Denver, Colorado area


5:08 am to 6:08 am, 12:06 pm to 1:05 pm, 7:01 pm to 8:01 pm

PST time zone & Los Angeles, California area


5:03 am to 6:03 am, 12:01 pm to 1:01 pm, 6:58 pm to 7:58 pm


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